Dwight Howard: Players can find themselves during lockout


We’re desperately looking for bright sides to the NBA lockout, because after today it feels like it’s going to be a long one.

Dwight Howard has one — the players can use this time to really find themselves. Find themselves in the sense of who they really are as a person — that stuff you started to figure out while living on Top Ramen in college then really put together the first time you lived alone.

NBA players can explore more than just gyms and pickup games this summer, and maybe learn something about themselves, Howard told the Orlando Sentinel.

“It’s weird, but I think it’s a good time for myself and the other guys to really find out what we’re all about,” Howard said. “Most people view us as just basketball players, and we can use this time to learn about ourselves and explore things that we wouldn’t have the time to do if we were in season…

“I’m still in shape and play basketball,” he said. “Everything happens for a reason, and even though we have this lockout, I think it’s good for us to really find out who we are. Getting away from the game for a while is good, and we’ll come back strong, hopefully with a different attitude.”

Howard has done everything from help tornado victims in Alabama to tour China on Nike’s dime this summer. Maybe he’s finding himself. More importantly, a few of his Orlando teammates had better find their shooting stroke an the ability to create their own shot or Howard may spend next summer trying to find himself a new home.