Wade, Bosh’s agent says they are “open” to playing overseas


I am open to winning the lottery. I am open to spending a month living in a villa in Tuscany. Or Maui. I’m open to only drinking 25-year-old Glendronach scotch. I’m open to having a private jet. I’m open to eating all my meals at Le Bernardin.

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are open to playing overseas, according to their agent.

There is a slightly better chance what they are open to will actually happen than my wish list, but not much. Still, we feel obligated to pass this note along from the Miami Herald.

Not only is Dwyane Wade open to considering overseas overtures should the lockout extend into the season, but Chris Bosh is, too, according to their agent, Henry Thomas.

Rule No. 1 for an agent: Don’t close any doors to an opportunity. Plus both Wade and Bosh are competitive people, they don’t want to sit around without basketball. Plus it’s flattering to have teams call and try to recruit you. You get all that plus the perception that you are helping the union cause by putting pressure on the owners (the owners aren’t buying the European flight of stars, by the way).

All of that is different than putting your name on the dotted line and going there. Risking injury that could cause your existing contract to be voided and drastically reduce future earning potential so you can make a fraction of your current salary to play elsewhere.

As we have said before, don’t expect stars to go (Deron Williams is the exception that proves the rule). And with China looking like it can’t be a part-time option, the chances of stars playing overseas have gone down even more.