Report: There is no chance Kobe is playing in Turkey


This never made a lot of sense to us anyway — why would Kobe Bryant, a man obsessed with winning another NBA ring, risk injury and put more mileage on his knees to play in Turkey for Besiktas (the team that signed Deron Williams)?

Still reports surfaced that he was to meet Saturday with the team and talk. While most of the noise came from the Turkish team, there was a lot of noise.

Not going to happen. He’s not talking to them and not going, tweets the very reliable David Aldridge of

Source: Kobe Bryant has not spoken with Turkish team in 2 wks. Current chance he plays there in fall: “zero percent.”

This does makes sense. Don’t be shocked if you see Kobe doing some exhibition tours — he still has a global brand to promote, some Nike’s to sell — but playing in another country, that just doesn’t make sense.