Barcelona thinking of bringing Ricky Rubio back


Ricky Rubio back in Spain and Minnesota unable to stop him or talk to him? Sounds familiar, and it could happen. Again.

Barcelona officials are considering making an offer to bring back Rubio to round out the squad’s roster, according to (via HoopsHype). Minnesota has no say in the matter and cannot even comment due to the lockout.

FIBA has ruled that NBA players under contract — like Rubio — can get clearance to play overseas during the lockout so long as there is an out in their contract that allows them to return to the NBA when the lockout ends. Barcelona is considering giving Rubio such a contract. Usually, elite European teams have not made that step — they don’t want a player that could leave in the middle of the season, they already draw top talent without having to offer an opt-out.

But Rubio is a special situation, he has played the last few seasons with Barcelona and would blend in perfectly. Rubio struggled with his outside shot last season and lost his starting job, but he still makes sense to Barcelona as a guy they can trust.

For Rubio, he gets to play and make some money, doing so in a situation where he is comfortable.

And if the lockout is as protracted as some insiders fear, he may get to play another entire season for Barcelona.

Rubio will play for Spain this summer at EuroBasket, where the silver medalists from Beijing are favorites to qualify for the London 2012 Olympics.