Acie Law signs to play in Serbia with no opt-out clause


Acie Law is headed to Serbia, and he is not coming back, reports ESPN’s Ric Bucher.

Point guard Acie Law has signed a one-year, $500,000 deal with the Serbian team Partizan, according to his agent, Mark Bartlestein. The deal does not have an out clause that would allow Law to return to the NBA should the current lockout end.

Law was a free agent, he did not need to get clearance to sign overseas. Last season he started with the Warriors but was traded to Memphis. He didn’t play a whole lot either place.

It’s not a rich contract as hoops deals go but it insures he gets a payday while the league is locked out. Law has played for four teams in his four seasons and he was not going to make much more than that in the NBA if he even made a team.

For some guys signing in Europe is a threat, but for guys like Law it’s just a smart move.