Iguodala says he’s not playing overseas during lockout

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We’re pretty weary of the “will he or won’t he” game with guys going overseas. But we’re still passing along stuff from the big names guys, because that’s what we do here.

With that, Andre Iguodala looks like he’s staying put, according to a tweet from Kate Fagan of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Andre Iguodala has no plans to sign overseas during lockout. He’d consider a tour, by right now not entertaining year-long contract offers.

We get why the union is asking guys to talk to teams overseas, particularly big name guys. It’s about leverage at the bargaining table, showing that players have options. Tom Ziller did a fantastic breakdown supporting the idea.

But like most things in a capitalistic society, the advantages go to the already wealthy. Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul can make $400,000 to play a couple exhibition games in Manilla, but that opportunity is not available to Brian Cardinal or Joel Anthony. It is the NBA’s middle class and younger players that are going to hurt from this lockout far more than the guys who are being courted to make big money overseas.