Apparently Linas Kleiza wants to be Lithuania’s Dr. Phil


Let me be up front about this — I really don’t know what is happening with the youth in Lithuania. I don’t know their problems. I can’t figure out Google+, let alone the social pressure on teens on another continent. (But if you want some PBT updates on Google+, find me on there and I’ll add you to the circle.)

But I do know Linas Kleiza wants to help those Lithuanian youth.

So he has teamed with a production company over there to put together a new television show aimed at reaching out to those youth, according to (via SLAM).

26-year-old Toronto Raptors forward Linas Kleiza, who cannot play basketball at the moment due to leg injury, will play himself in the new Lithuanian series about teenagers’ social problems, Lithuanian media reports.

“It is a pleasure to be with partners and producers like Rolandas Skaisgirys and TV3. We have prepared a lot of great social projects. There is a lot of problems with children; people are running away from this country because there is a lack of leaders. What we have to do? We have to be proud that we are Lithuanians, and not only if we talk about basketball.” Kleiza said.

He is only doing a few episodes of the show. Normally this is where there would be some mocking, but frankly this is a guy doing the right thing by his country. So, good on him.

Lithuania is hosting EuroBasket this summer, but Kleiza will not be playing as he is recovering from microfracture surgery last February.