Aaron Brooks is happy being Steve Nash’s backup for now


Being the backup point guard in Phoenix can seem a no-win job.

No matter what you do, you are not Steve Nash. This is Nash’s team. This is Nash’s city (which is why they are not likely to trade him). You are the guy that takes the floor while Nash lies down by the bench and tries to keep his back from tightening up.

But Aaron Brooks is good with that. After being traded from Houston to Phoenix at the deadline last season he played well — 9.6 points and 4.2 assists per game in 19 minutes. His numbers were solid — not as good as in 2009-10, when he was the league’s Most Improved Player, but still solid.

He wants to come back to Phoenix whenever there is a next season. That’s what he told the Arizona Republic.

“I’m doing great,” he said Saturday shortly before playing in the H206 Charity Basketball Classic, a contest featuring many NBA and ex-NBA players with Seattle ties. “How’s Phoenix? I love Phoenix. I think they like me, too. They picked up my qualifying offer, didn’t they?”

That’s a $3 million offer, but all it really means is that the Suns can match any offer Brooks gets. Brooks is a restricted free agent. (At least it’s what it meant under the old labor agreement, whatever comes with the new one it’s likely that rule will be in place for at least this year for players like Brooks.)

Brooks struggled the first half of last season in Houston, so he likely will not see a better offer come in. Unless another team comes in with a wild offer, expect the Suns to keep him around. Which could be good for everyone, and Nash’s back.