LeBron James talks after Drew League run

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We already told you that LeBron James — at the urging of Baron Davis — got in a little run at the Drew League in Los Angeles last weekend.

Afterwards, he spoke briefly with Warriors World TV, and so we are passing along the video.

LeBron is in full PR mode for this one — “it’s about giving back to the community” — so don’t expect any revelations, but he does talk about what he’s listening to right now (and you get some video of his run, and a good view of how he can’t be guarded if he’s hitting the fade away jumper).

One issue though: What you like about Southern California is Southern California? LeBron, you can do better than that. Say the pool at the Roosevelt Hotel, the strand in Manhattan Beach, the Petersen Automotive Museum, the beach in Malibu, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles (although we’re partial to Aunt Kizzy’s Back Porch personally), heck you can even say Disneyland. But you love all of Southern California? You copped out on that one.