Nets new Barclays Center will look swanky, if you’re rich


It is possible the next time the Nets play a game it will be in Brooklyn. We hope not, because that would mean an entire NBA season wiped out (greed is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason) but it could happen.

While the players are locked out construction is not at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn are not and work continues on the building, set to open in the fall of 2012. The architects just released some renderings of the building (see some at SLAM). What you see to the left is the main arena lobby. Nice.

What we really took away was how many images there seemed to be of the VIP areas of the building. Which of course is what the team is trying to sell right now because those luxury boxes and seats with perks are what drive the most revenue now.

And if you’re rich, the Barclay center is going to be sweet. Check out the suite with bar image below. It looks swanky. And as the people are cheering, we will assume they are Knicks fans out to watch their team.