Stephenson apparently “Born Ready” for China or Italy


His game makes Lance “Born Ready” Stephenson an interesting prospect.

His attitude almost had Danny Granger and Dahntay Jones going after him in the locker room. His arrest for domestic violence had the Pacers keeping him away from the team last summer. He played in just a dozen games for the Pacers last season. He’s a guy that has game but needs to grow up a little.

Maybe some time in Italy or China will do that for him.

His agent told Adam Zagoria that that he is looking overseas.

“We’re working on a couple things and we’ve narrowed it down to Italy and China for now,” (Stephenson’s agent) Alberto Ebanks told by phone. “He’s excited about just getting a run going while the lockout is in place. I think it’s important to stay in basketball shape so he’s about to bust a move.”

Part of the contract would be an out clause to allow him to come back to the Pacers after the lockout ended, his agent said. That is what Deron Williams has in his deal and a number of other NBA guys are hoping to get.

Honestly, an international time might be a good thing for Born Ready. Traveling the globe changes your perspective on things.