Rick Adelman next to interview for Timberwolves job


The question isn’t if Rick Adelman would do a good job as Timberwolves coach, because he would. He’s done a good job everywhere he’s been, you don’t get a .605 career winning percentage without knowing how to do the job well.

The questions are if he wants the job, and if the Wolves will pay him enough to take it?

But the Timberwolves and GM David Kahn are going to talk to Adelman, reports Jerry Zgoda at the Star Tribune.

On one hand Adelman seems a very good fit — Kahn wants a team that plays fast, and when he had the personnel with his old Kings teams (led by Chris Webber and Mike Bibby) Adelman’s teams played at the fastest pace in the league a number of years in a row. Also, Adelman’s “corner” offense uses a lot of the same principles of the triangle offense that Kurt Rambis tried to install.

Also, Adelman reportedly has a very good relationship with Kevin Love. Which is more than we can say for Rambis.

On the other side of the scale is the fact Adelman is 65 and the feeling around the league is that he would only step in to a team he thought was a contender. The Wolves won 17 games last season and while they have some nice young talent — Love, incoming rookies Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams — it is very young and raw. Does Adelman want to take over a real rebuilding project?

Also, Adelman will command big time coach money — upwards of $4 million a year. Are the Wolves (who paid Rambis half that) willing to pay?

Adelman joins Mike Woodson, Terry Porter and Bernie Bickerstaff as guys who have interviewed for the job. Don Nelson also has spoken with Kahn and is interested.