Europe wants Landry, but Landry doesn’t want Europe


Like a lot of NBA players, Carl Landry has had offers to go overseas. He specifically has been courted by Armani Jeans Milano, the Italian squad sponsored by… if I have to explain that to you then you have some bigger issues to deal with.

But Landry is a free agent about to get a nice NBA payday and he knows it. An injury playing in Europe for less money could cost him a lot more.

So don’t expect him to go, he told WLFI television in Indiana. (Note, the linked story has some factual errors, starting with saying Josh Childress just inked a deal to play in Greece, when that happened three years ago, but the quotes from Landry are fresh and we believe to be accurate.)

“A lot of guys are going over seas right now, unfortunately I’m a free agent and taking the risk of going over seas and possibly getting hurt and trying to come back when the lockout lifts is not a risk that I want to take. It’s definitely tough, not only for me but everybody that is apart of the National Basketball Association,” said Carl Landry.

This is the smart play by Landry. But he should get comfortable, he may be sitting on the sidelines for a while.