Don’t be shocked to see ‘Melo in some exhibition games

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This weekend Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans and others will be in the Philippines for an exhibition game. Putting on a show for some fans in a basketball mad country.

There will be more exhibition gams like this, especially if the lockout drags on and games are missed. Expect to see Carmelo Anthony doing a few of them.

At least if what his manager Bay Frazier tweeted (via I am a GM).

I keep getting all these offers for @carmeloanthony to play overseas in exhibition games lol. And the paper aint bad at all.

There may be a barnstorming tour of China if the lockout extends to the point games are lost, but that may just be the best known of several in the works. Players — especially ones with big shoe contracts like ‘Melo — will find there way to these events as a way to promote their brand.