Bulls Kyle Korver calls lockout a “shame”


I’m not sure I ever thought of Kyle Korver as a guy with the common man’s touch.

But he sure sounded like it when talking lockout with CSN Chicago.

“It’s a shame,” Korver said. “The NBA makes too much money for everybody not to be making a little bit already, right?”

Korver went on to explain that from a player’s standpoint, he doesn’t understand where the money is going. “How?” Korver said in frustration. “I think they made about $2.4 billion dollars last year, how does everyone not have a little bit in their pocket?”

Kyle’s math is a little off. The league made about $4 billion in revenue last year, of that $2.17 billion went to the players. That leaves about $1.8 billion for the owners to pay all the other league expenses and find some profit.

Korver made $5 million last season to play 20 minutes a game and score 8.3 points.