Alonzo Mourning sued over alleged hit-and-run accident

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With the Miami Heat back in the NBA finals, Alonzo Mourning seemed to back in the news a lot. Which is good, we missed Zo.

This, however, is not how he wanted to be back in the news. From the Sun-Sentinel.

A Miami college student was to file a lawsuit Wednesday claiming he was injured and nearly killed three days ago, when a sports car driven by Alonzo Mourning smashed into his car on the Julia Tuttle Causeway and then fled the scene.

William Candelario, 20, was driving home from Miami Beach early Sunday morning when a blue Porsche driven by the former Heat star slammed into Candelario’s 2010 Audi, causing the car to flip over several times, according to Coral Gables attorney Spencer Aronfeld.

According to police, Candelario had been involved in another accident first and both he and the other car stopped in the street to exchange insurance or cuss at each other or whatever. That is when the accident occurred. Mourning reportedly did return to the scene 45 minutes later, according to the report.

Mourning is the vice president of player programs and development with the Heat.