No Ty Lawson, NBA players can’t file for unemployment


The couple times NBA players have made jokes about “looking for work” they have felt the backlash quickly — for most of the United States trying to fight its way out of a deep recession, that’s not funny.

Which brings us to Ty Lawson, the Nuggets point guard who tweeted:

i wonder if i can file for unemployment

Lawson was not actually going to file for unemployment (he tweeted as much later), it was just a joke that fell flat.

But over at the Charlotte Observer (Lawson went to North Carolina) Rick Bonnell wondered: Could an NBA player file for unemployment? He got an answer from Larry Parker, a spokesman for the N.C. Employment Security Commission.

“The answer right now is no, NBA players would not be eligible for benefits, mainly due to fact the NBA season is not in session. There is a reasonable expectation on the players part that they may play once the season begins.”

I’m not so sure it’s reasonable to expect the season to start on time this fall, but I get his point. But no player is going to file for unemployment anyway, unless the players union is looking for ways to ensure they lose the public relations battle around the lockout.