George Hill is going to miss watching Ginobili play nightly

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Here’s what we learned about George Hill today — not a fan of Whataburger. Big fan of Gregg Popovich’s jokes (if you like dry humor you’d like his jokes, too.)

But what did Hill tell he would miss most after the trade? When asked to rate how much he would miss seeing Manu Ginobili play nightly on a scale of one to 10, he quickly answered “20.”

Hill is going to be an interesting addition in Indiana — he has been a solid role player on a good team whose raw numbers don’t suggest he can step into a much bigger role in Indiana. But he does make the Pacers deeper and more steady. Hill said in the interview what he plans to bring is leadership.

It’s what the Pacers wanted me to come there for, to bring a little bit of leadership. I’ve learned a lot with my three years being in San Antonio and I’ll try to take that to Indiana and help us become a top caliber team.

A full season with Frank Vogel at the help and Hill make the Pacers a team to watch next season — they are not going to be a title contender, but they feel like a team that could take a step forward. How big a step is the question.