Union to help players get insurance if they head overseas


There are hurdles to getting NBA players overseas during the lockout. One is getting FIBA — basketball’s international governing body — to sign off on letting guys under contract go play for another team. FIBA has not officially ruled on that, yet.

Then there is the little matter of insurance.

Well, it’s not such a little matter if we are talking about insuring a big NBA player’s deal — the insurance doesn’t just cover medical and injury rehab, we’re talking money for lost wages due to injury. Insurance becomes a lot of coin for the international teams (with budgets much smaller than their NBA counterparts) to put up.

Which makes this tweet about the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) — the player’s union — from Jonathan Givony of Draft Express interesting.

The NBPA’s goal is to find an insurance policy that European teams can pay on month to month basis, rather than upfront for the entire year

The union wants NBA players to be able to go overseas — it’s leverage at the bargaining table. They want the threat of a second place players can earn an income. Sure than income is smaller than an NBA salary, but it’s still good money.

So they are working to make it a reality (or at least as easy as possible). Really wish this energy were going into negotiations, but there you have it.