Lamar Odom uninjured in New York City car accident


Lamar Odom — thanks to his marriage, thanks to the reality shows that came with it, and thanks to playing on a championship team in a city where the entertainment industry reigns — is now news even when something that isn’t even his fault happens.

Lamar Odom was in a car accident in New York last week, according to the New York Post. He wasn’t driving and he wasn’t injured, but a motorcycle driver and pedestrian were seriously hurt. (UPDATE: The boy involved has died.)

To show you where his life is at, the accident was confirmed by the publicist for his wife (Khloe Kardashian):

“Khloe wasn’t in the car. It was a driver, and Lamar was in the back seat,’’ Kardashian’s publicist, Jill Fritzo, told The Post. first reported the accident, saying Odom was headed back a barbershop in his old neighborhood. The motorcyclist and a 15-year-old boy were both seriously injured in the crash, the Web site said.

There you go. If you want more details head to your favorite gossip sites. It would be interesting to see how this level of fame and the reality shows would go over with another franchise (Odom was mentioned in trade rumors around the draft). In Los Angeles, the franchise doesn’t blink, but would that be the case in Philadelphia or other towns?

We personally can’t wait for the lockout to end so we can get back to writing about basketball.