Brian Grant’s fundraiser not held up by lockout. So that’s good.

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Just a quick post for sake of clarity. We had mentioned last week it seemed odd that a number of weddings, the ESPYs and other events were cleared by the league as places players and management could mingle without fear of a hefty fine during the lockout, but that former NBA player Brian Grant’s Parkinson’s disease fundraiser did not get clearance.

Turns out, that report was really only half right, according to the Associated Press.

“The NBA has been an awesome partner for us. They couldn’t be more supportive,” (event spokeswoman Sara Perrin) said.

Grant can’t address the rumors himself without facing a possible fine. NBA spokesman Tim Frank says neither Grant nor the Blazers have asked for an exemption to the no-contact rule.

So, while he isn’t going to have NBA players it’s because he didn’t ask, not because he couldn’t get clearance. That’s fair enough.

Meanwhile the league has been pretty fair about allowing clearance for events that seemed worthwhile.