NBA players could flock to China, not Europe, if lockout goes on


With the lockout looming, many NBA players are considering playing in Europe as they wait for the new CBA to get hammered out. However, most European teams have limited finances, as well as a limit on how many U.S. players can be on a roster. However, some top agents think that there may be a very viable plan C for NBA players if the lockout continues. Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today has the story:

Lee and Young agree on a burgeoning basketball market that will be attractive in a long lockout: China.

“The biggest money is China, hands down,” Young said. “You can make almost double in China what you can in Europe. The Chinese league isn’t as good of a league, but if it’s all about money you might as well go over there and make as much money as you can.”

The Chinese season doesn’t start until December, and teams recruit in September and October, Lee said. Players by then will know if NBA games are lost.

“I can see a number of NBA guys getting attractive offers from Chinese teams that will have those walk-away outs,” Lee said.

It seemed like an odd move when Stephon Marbury went to China a few years ago, but if the lockout keeps going, he may end up looking like a trailblazer.