Manu Ginobili says he plans to retire in two years


Things are changing with the Spurs. An era is ending.

Tim Duncan is on the downhill side of his career, and now it appears Manu Ginobili is looking at a pretty short window of time in the NBA.

That’s what he told an Argentinian news site, as translated by Hoopsworld.

“The truth is that I have set the date of my retirement, but I have two years left on this contract in San Antonio, and I will reach age 36. I think it may be an appropriate age to stop playing,” Ginobili stated.

There has been a theory that after his current deal Ginobili would walk away from the NBA but play a couple more seasons in Europe or in his native Argentina. But he seemed down on that idea.

“I never had the desire to play in the country and retire at home. I always thought about retiring at the highest level,” Ginobili stated.

Ginobili is one player that a couple decades from now we will look back at his peak years and still be impressed — he plays such a smart game and is a fiery competitor. He is just a joy to watch play.