Mike Miller has surgery again, this time his shoulder


Someday Mike Miller is going to be healthy. We think. He certainly is getting enough treatment for his many ailments.

That now includes another surgery, this time to his left shoulder, according to Ira Winderman at the Sun-Sentinel. This is on the heels of the thumb surgery he already had after the NBA finals ended.

Miller told his hometown newspaper, the Mitchell (S.D.) Daily Republic, “I’ve been trying to glue myself back together, kind of like the humpty-dumpty man right now. I’ve been out since the season’s been over. It’s a little bit frustrating right now, but hopefully it will give the rest of my body a chance to heal up and take a break.”

How important having Miller (and Udonis Haslem) on the court mattered to the Heat became increasingly clear as the playoffs moved along. They provided needed depth and a new level of skill the other subs could not match. The Heat need Miller to get healthy and contribute more all season, the team needs to diversify its attack and he can be part of that.