Biyombo’s agent swears his client will be at Bobcats camp

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When we last heard from Bismack Biyombo — the No. 7 overall pick now of the Charlotte Bobcats — he was going into a negotiating room with his Spanish team from last season, Fuenlabrada.

The thing is, Fuenlabrada also has him under contract for the next two seasons and they want all of the $1.4 million buyout to let him go. And so everyone is talking.

But Biyombo’s agent tells the Associated Press his client will be there for the Bobcats training camp (whenever that opens).

“At the time the lockout is over and the season starts, the player will be playing with the Bobcats,” Igor Crespo told The Associated Press in a phone interview. “Everything else is not relevant…

“I cannot give any details for anyone,” Crespo said. “But the only thing you need to know is whenever the season starts, whether that’s October, November, December or February, the player will be there to play with the Bobcats from the first game.”

I’m not so sure about the relevant thing. That said, right now Fuenlabrada has little motivation to reach a deal with Biyombo. It seems logical to set up a buyout price and let Biyombo play for Fuenlabrada until the lockout ends. But often what I see as logical has no place in the real world. So there will be more negotiations.