USA Basketball to start asking players about 2012 Olympics


USA Basketball should expect a lot of vague answers.

With an unsettled labor situation and everything a year away, players are going to be hesitant to fully commit now to USA basketball for the 2012 Olympics in London.

But the organization’s head Jerry Colangelo is going to start asking, according to a tweet from Brian Mahoney of the Associated Press.

USA Basketball’s Colangelo says he’ll start contacting players within the next month to gauge their interest in playing in 2012 Olympics.

So much will depend on when the lockout ends. If there is no season at all guys might be more inclined. If there is a full season or a shortened season with a lot of games closer together, some players may feel differently.

Still, this is the Olympics and one of the great chances to market yourself on an international stage and promote your brand… oh, and represent your country. You can decide what order the players consider those two things in.

But because of those two things, you will see most of the nation’s elite players taking part. They just might not fully commit today.