Rose “damn confident” about Bulls chances next season


Don’t you get the feeling we’re going to be seeing variations of that Eastern Conference Finals for the next few years? Bulls vs. Heat. Miami won and they should get better role players and more comfortable with each other in the future — they will be better.

Derrick Rose knows that, but he likes the Bulls chances.

While the Bulls are considering moves of their own, Rose told our man Aggrey Sam of CSN Chicago he thinks the team they have can do it.

“I’m damn confident,” Rose asserted. “Knowing that my teammates are getting better, I’m getting better and we’ve just got to go out there and ball out.

“We [Rose and the Bulls’ front office] talked a little bit, but nothing serious. It was too early,” he continued. “We’re good right now. I’m not worried about getting another player right now. If that’s the case, they would have asked me or told me something about it, but I haven’t heard anything yet, so I’m good.”

As he had done before, Rose talked about what he can do for the Bulls to get better. He thinks he wore down as the playoffs went on (having LeBron James cover him in the ECF didn’t help) and he is working now to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

“I think my conditioning was a big part in me playing the way I played towards the end, where I think I didn’t have enough in the tank and that’s sad to say, knowing how far we made it and how close we were. That was the reason why. Stuff like that, I never want to go through that again.

“If anything, I know that I’ll be prepared for it. Or try to be prepared for it. Like I said, working hard and trying to be positive,” Rose continued. “Of course, if our defense was a little better, but I wouldn’t have changed anything for myself besides my conditioning.”

With that kind of attitude, do you doubt the Bulls will be back?