Rajon Rondo’s elbow still not right after dislocation


It was the most gruesome sight of the playoffs (unless you’re a Lakers fan, then it was Game 4 against Dallas) — Rajon Rondo falling in the series against Miami and his elbow bending the wrong way. An entire nation winced at the replay.

Months later, hanging out at his youth camp in his native Louisville, Rondo told ESPNBoston his elbow still isn’t right.

“It’s the most pain I’ve ever been in playing ball. I’m feeling a little pain now, but the swelling is down. The only thing is there’s swelling in my joint. I’ll be fine, it just takes time. I’ve got a couple more weeks that I’m off, as far as rest and the repetition of weights.”

He will be back and ready to go whenever the season starts. And he thinks the Celtics have one more run in them.

“I’m not concerned about the Big Three. There’s a lot of things that people don’t see, behind the scenes. They take care of their bodies. They are in the gym early, in the gym late… We still have a chance to get another ring.”