76ers Holiday in Germany pulling for USA Women in World Cup


You may be watching the USA vs. France Women’s World Cup semi-final Wednesday — what else are you going to do, watch Criminal Minds reruns? — but you are not as dedicated as Sixers point guard Jrue Holiday.

Holiday is there, in Germany, cheering on the USA Women’s national team team.

Of course, a lot of that has to do with his girlfriend being Lauren Cheney, one of the forwards on Team USA. She of the sweet goal against Mexico in the friendlies running up to the World Cup.

The two met when they were both at UCLA. If you run through their twitter timelines you can find lots of this type of syrup:

The best boyfriend in the world @Jrue_Holiday11, thank you for being apart of this. I love you!

@laurencheney8 i love you too.. i wouldnt miss it for the world

Still, pretty jealous of Jrue here (not the girlfriend — just in case my wife reads this — I mean getting to travel through Germany in the summer and have some fun). Hope he enjoys this game as much as the last one.