Report: Kobe, Rose, Durant to play in Philippines exhibition


While the talks have been of a barnstorming tour of China, there may be another in the Far East first.

Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant will be part of an exhibition game in the Philippines, according to the sports web site of TV5 in the island nation (via SLAM).

The three stars will be part of a selection that will play a pair of charity exhibition games against SMART-Gilas Philippines national team and an all-star squad from the Philippine Basketball Association. Proceeds of the games will go to the MVP Sports Foundation, whose goal is to uplift Philippine sports and to develop Filipino athletes.

The dates of the games have not been announced, but they would take place in Manila.

Kobe is currently in the Philippines as part of two-day stop over to do some clinics for youth and promote his shoe brand. This is the start of his annual tour of Asia, where he is the most popular NBA athlete. (Remember at the Beijing Olympics how LeBron was amazed at the level of attention Kobe got in comparison to him?).

Looks like if the lockout drags on there could be a second Kobe tour of Asia, and this time he’ll have some friends in tow.