NLRB taking close look at players claim against owners


You may have forgotten that back before the lockout started the players union filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) complaining the owners were not negotiating in good faith.

The NLRB didn’t forget.

They are on it, according to a tweet from Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal.

In recent weeks an NLRB investigator has interviewed 7-10 witnesses in @TheNBPA‘s unfair labor practices charge against the NBA.

The players charged that the owners were not coming off their position of unreasonable givebacks by the players. Not sure the players feel any differently now. David Stern said the charges have no merit that they have compromised from their original proposal. Of course, the owners’ original proposal was a ridiculous attempt to move the starting point so that the middle they eventually come together in gets shifted toward the owners.

Not sure the NLRB poking around will really have a huge impact — unless the report that comes back that the owners have not been negotiating in good faith, which seems unlikely. But this is the federal government, they are looking into things. Even if they move like molasses, they will get to it.