Not everybody wants to play in Europe: Meet Jonas Jerebko


The move of NBA players to Europe may be picking up steam – Deron Williams to Turkey is now your headliner — but not everyone wants to go. Not even Europeans.

Meet Jonas Jerebko.

The Pistons Swedish forward is staying stateside, his agent told the Detroit Free Press.

Doug Neustadt, who represents Jerebko, said this week that an overseas assignment was not being considered.

“Jonas views himself as an NBA player,” Neustadt said. “We are not looking to go over there. If something comes up we will look at it, but we are not actively looking. We are not going over there just to go over.”

Jerebko played four seasons in Europe before coming to the states. While Europe makes a nice threat for NBA players — some may go, and for borderline NBA players it makes a lot of sense — in the end the NBA is the best and best paying league on the planet. This is where the game is at.