Lorenzo Romar not leaving college for Timberwolves


The days of an NBA team just calling up and getting any college coach they want are gone. And money is one of the key reasons.

We told you yesterday that among the potential replacements for Kurt Rambis in Minnesota — once they formally get around to firing him, er, promoting him — was University of Washington coach Lorenzo Romar.

But he’s not leaving, according to Andy Katz at ESPN.

What may be more interesting is the why — and why fewer and fewer college head coaches will jump to the NBA.

“If it’s based on money, I’m not sure coaches will make that transition, especially if they like where they are,” Romar said. “The guys that make that type of NBA money are already established.”

It seems NBA teams are now seeking the coaches who have been players or assistants such as Mark Jackson or Dwane Casey.

“I just don’t see it happening,” Pitt coach Jamie Dixon said of elite college coaches making the jump. “I think the NBA will continue to recycle guys unless it’s a former college guy like Kelvin Sampson.”

Tom Izzo didn’t leave Michigan State for Cleveland last year, although that had more to do with LeBron James’ intentions than it did Izzo.

Still, the point is don’t expect to see guys make that jump the way you did with Mike Montgomery and others before. Including Romar.