‘Melo has been doing photo shoots for Italian Vogue


How have you been spending your lockout summer? We’ve been spending our wishing we were writing out free agency rumors and trades right now, but instead we bring you what ‘Melo has been doing with his summer vacation?

Carmelo Anthony has been spending part of his doing a photo shoot for the Italian edition of Vogue magazine (via The Basketball Jones, where they have more photos, we think because Trey Kerby has a subscription).

I’m no fashion expert, but I’m not sure the top hat is coming back. I mean, one American is legendarily famous for wearing one, but things didn’t end all that well for him. And it’s been out of fashion for 100 years. And if you’re 6’8″ do you need to look taller. But like I said, I’m not about to criticize anyone for their fashion choices. Or for spending part of his offseason doing fashion photo shoots. Good for Anthony.

But the top hat?