Pitt’s Gilbert Brown signs in Europe as insurance


Gilbert Brown was one of those undrafted guys who stands a chance of making an NBA roster. The Pitt senior plays on the wing and is a good athlete who plays a smart all-around game. He may not be explosive, but he does all the little things well.

He’s a guy who needed Summer League and a long training camp to prove to a team he could make it. The Boston Cetics worked him out before the lockout and may have been that team.

But for now, he’s signed with the German team S. Oliver Wurzburg as an insurance policy — there’s a clause in his contract that lets him leave Europe when the lockout ends, he told the Pittsburgh Tribune.

“If the lockout ends early, I probably won’t even go,” he said. “It’s basically an insurance policy so I’m not waiting around for the lockout to end.”

Expect to see a lot of borderline NBA guys sign similar deals. It makes a lot more sense — getting to work on their games and getting paid to do it — rather than sitting around playing a lot of Halo 3 here waiting for the phone to ring. But he still gets his crack at the NBA.