Andrew Bynum has taken up boxing this summer


During this lockout, some NBA players are going to get fat. It happened last time with Shawn Kemp and Vin Baker, to name a couple.

It’s not happening to Andrew Bynum. He’s teamed up with legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach and is doing the boxing workout. Here is Bynum’s tweet about his plans for Monday while you were recovering from a weekend hangover.

I got a two a day tomorrow first road work in the morning, then back in the ring in the afternoon! I’m going hard yall!

I’m not sure Bynum is built for boxing (tall boxers generally struggle, Vitali Klitschko at 6’7” is the exception but there are not a lot of fighters over 6’4” or so that have a ton of success). Ed “Too Tall” Jones was 6-0 as a fighter, but really he was better as a Cowboy defensive lineman. That was not a tough lineup he faced. Kind of like Bynum saying he knocked down J.J. Barea.

But at least Bynum is working out and staying in shape. No Kemp here.