Report: Spurs, Knicks called Cavaliers about Casspi


The only really interesting pre-lockout trade in the NBA was the Cavaliers sending J.J. Hickson to the Sacramento Kings for Omri Casspi and a future pick (likely first rounder but there are a number of protections on it).

Generally, it is thought the Kings won that trade (they got the better player). But there is also certainly some interest around the league in the Israeli Casspi, as Marc Stein of ESPN noted on twitter.

Word is Knicks/Spurs still hot for Casspi and checked in to see if they could wedge their way into last trade fun of 2010-11. But … Cavs told ’em they traded for Casspi with intent to keep him. GM Chris Grant says Cavs have liked Casspi since Kings drafted him in 2009

Interesting. If the Cavs do decide down the line they need to make another move to get a specific piece, don’t be shocked if Casspi’s name comes up in the rumors. There is interest in him from teams around the league.