NBA season ticket holders will get refunds if games missed

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Before the season has even ended the calls start coming in to make sure you are going to get — and pay for — your season tickets for next year. You have to sign up (to keep your seats) before you know what your team will do in the draft or free agency — before you really know what the team will look like.

Or before you know if there will be a season.

But it should be noted that NBA Commissioner David Stern has said multiple times that if the lockout does end up costing games, fans will get their ticket money back with interest (something required by law). The Oregonian checked with the league what happens to fans making ticket payments in monthly installments (something a number of teams put in place as the recession hit).

League spokesman Michael Bass, via e-mail, clarified the league’s stance on season tickets. He said teams should continue to take payments from fans who signed up for monthly payment plans, but teams will halt payment plans if games are canceled.

“Season ticket holders’ investments with teams are completely protected,” Bass said.

Bass added that the league-wide policy is if games are canceled, “All season ticket holders have the option to receive a refund plus interest on a monthly basis for all missed games.”