Report: Real Madrid has a Rudy Fernandez plan


HoopsHype brings us the following from Mundo Deportivo (translation via Google Translate, and is rough):

Real Madrid has offered for Rudy to become the highest paid player in the history of the ACB. His proposal is for six seasons and yearly amounts would be close to 3 million euros. The club accepts that Rudy would return to the U.S. mid-season if the NBA lockout ends. In return, the Spaniard would return after completing the final year of his contract with Dallas.

via Florentino Perez has a dizzying bid to sign Rudy Fernandez.

So this is a pretty brilliant move by Real Madrid. Fernandez has been unhappy in Portland for years, getting over it during the course of the season last year. He was just traded to Dallas where he doesn’t know his role. Yes, they are the World Champions, but there aren’t other Spanish players there (though obviously international players are represented with Dirk Nowitzki, Ian Mahinmi, and Roddy Beaubois, along with Puerto Rican J.J. Barea). So Real Madrid makes a six year offer, enticing him to come over during the lockout, however long that lasts, and then once his NBA contract ends and he’s had his fill of the NBA, he comes back over and makes a ton of money off the bat.

If Fernandez accepts the offer, that’s a pretty “best of all worlds” kind of deal. He gets to finish his stint int he NBA playing for a World Champion, then go back to where he is revered in his home country and play for a ton of cash. This lockout’s working out pretty well for Rudy Fernandez.