Video: LeBron James dunks on youth camper


Finally, LeBron James exploited a mismatch inside and attacked the rim.

Of course, it was a month after the season was over and it was what appears to be an 11-year-old at a youth basketball camp. The home video is below — James misses a couple of wide-open jump shots (insert your own joke about that here) then after the second miss follows it by getting the ball, charging the rim and throwing down the dunk. Thing is, the kid was just standing under the rim after finishing his layup.

People want to get on LeBron for this, but the kid was clearly in the restricted area.

The kid’s handlers did not go around the gym and try to confiscate tapes of the video, which was a nice change of pace.

(Seriously, if you want read into this about LeBron’s personality or ego or what have you based on the video, um, pick a better fight. There are a whole host of things out of the finals worthy of discussion, but him messing around at a camp and accidentally knocking a kid over, that’s not serious in any sense of the word.)

Video via IamaGM.