Gilbert Arenas makes the lockout simple for everyone


In case you are not sure exactly why the NBA is locking out, you should read our Q&A explanation… which is the best we can do.

Gilbert Arenas probably did it better on twitter (@agentzeroshow).

SBN collected his 140 characters into paragraphs for us, and he gets it (from a players perspective).

For the people who don’t know why they’re lockin out… I’ll explain it in real people terms. Lakers, Dallas, Miami, Knicks, Magic, Bulls, Boston, and a few others always have the best chance at the top free agents due to city and money. So the smaller cities team can’t compete. So they can never get better and they’re always losing money. So since they cant control each other spending money on players, they want us to do it for them by signing a new deal. It’s that simple.

There’s a lot more. Go read it.

Mark Cuban would disagree on twitter, but David Stern would fine him.