‘Melo has been undergoing elbow rehab since season ended


Carmelo Anthony has a case of elbow bursitis — a condition that flared up with the Nuggets before the trade and apparently was an issue during the playoffs — and has been receiving treatment at the Knicks facilities since the season ended, the New York Post reports.

If he were playing it could impact the follow through on his shots (the Post quotes Anthony saying it did at times during the season at points). He wore a sleeve on his elbow because of it. But in the offseason it’s just a one of a long list of nagging injuries players let heal.

It’s not that big a deal, except that his supervised treatments are about to end because of the lockout. Any player getting treatment (most doing rehab post surgery) will have to do it on their own now, without the team physician and trainers guiding them.

Elbow bursitis is an inflammation of the little sack of fluid that allows the skin on your elbow to easily slide over the bone. It likely got inflamed because of a hard blow to the elbow (which could happen any number of ways during a game). The treatment is really just rest, keeping pressure off the elbow and anti-inflammatory medications (unless he wanted to undergo surgery, which he likely does not).

This is not a serious condition, but it has limited his offseason workouts, according to the Post.