NBA owners could vote to approve lockout Tuesday


The NBA’s Board of Governors — which is made up of all the team owners — is gathering in Dallas Tuesday, and storm clouds may follow them.

At the heart of the day’s agenda is an update on negotiations with the NBA players union. Which will not be pretty, as the two sides remain hundreds of million apart. At that time the owners could vote to authorize a lockout starting on July 1. They don’t have to make this vote Tuesday, David Stern has said it could be done later via email, but it could come down Tuesday.

Also on the agenda, the owners will discuss revenue sharing. That is something the players have said is a key part of getting any new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place. Players have said if they are going to be asked to share the league’s financial pain (through salary rollbacks) then the teams making money need to as well. Stern has said that these are separate negotiations and the players should not have a seat at that table.

The fact that the two sides do not even agree if revenue sharing should be part of the CBA talks — and that topic is at best third on the list of biggest hurdles to a deal behind the split of Basketball Related Income and a hard salary cap — should be a pretty good sign that the lockout is coming. And it will be ugly.

We’ll see if that lockout gets approved on Tuesday or not. But it will soon, one way or another.