Lockout veteran Grant Hill learned lessons from last one


There are a handful of guys still around the NBA from the last time the league locked out, the 1998-99 season, which cost the league 32 games.

Grant Hill of the Suns is one of those guys and told Marc Spears of Yahoo there are lessons to be learned.

“You want to stay in shape. You want to stay mentally and physically ready. You want to be wise with purchases and you want to make sure financially you can weather the storm. The young guys have been really good in terms of asking [questions].”

Hill talked about something Amar’e Stoudemire mentioned in a video PBT brought you earlier in the day — there’s a fine balance to be struck about staying in shape. You don’t want to wear your body down doing it, and you don’t want to get hurt because the players will no longer have insurance through the teams.

“It’s tough, especially for an older guy,” Hill said. “You got certain benchmarks you try to reach in the offseason to get ready for training camp. You could do too much or do too little just in terms of staying in shape, staying sharp.”

You’d like to hope conditioning will not be a huge issue because the lockout will be short and guys will be returning to playing in time for training camps. But it doesn’t sound like anybody is thinking that way, does it?