Shaq has no advice for LeBron… other than what MJ said


Shaquille O’Neal had a massive, blowout retirement party at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. I didn’t get an invite either, don’t feel bad.

Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal was there and asked the big man if he had any advice for former teammate LeBron James (via CBS’ Eye on Basketball):

“No,” said Shaq, during a red, white and green carpet interview before his retirement party at the Palms on Saturday.

“Experience is the best teacher,” he said, adding, “Michael (Jordan) told me ‘You must fall before you can stand.’ ”

He’s right. Jordan is now a mythic figure, we often forget the three years in a row the Bad Boy Detroit Pistons knocked him out of the playoffs and taught him hard lessons. Virtually every great player — Shaq, Larry Bird, Dirk Nowitzki and countless others — had to learn to succeed through dealing with failure.

LeBron has not learned that lesson yet; how to accept failure as a possible outcome and not fear it. Sometimes it takes a few hard lessons to really get there. LeBron just got another one, and there’s nothing Shaq can probably tell him that he doesn’t already know.