Knicks may solve center problem with… Kwame Brown?


The Knicks need someone to protect the rim and play some defense as a big man. Ronny Turiaf tried but he is a great backup, not the answer.

However they really want to preserve their cap space for potentially getting another superstar in 2012 — hello Dwight Howard or Chris Paul (new CBA willing) — so they are not going to make a run at key center free agents Samuel Dalembert or Marc Gasol this summer, according to the New York Post.

Rather they are looking at Kwame Brown as a short-term fix. Yes, that Kwame Brown. If that sounds desperate, here are the other guys on their list according to the report: Tony Battie, Kurt Thomas, Joel Pryzbilla, Aaron Gray ,Theo Ratliff and .Greg Oden.

Kwame is an offensive wasteland with Roberto Duran’s “manos de piedra” but he can defend man-on-man, just don’t expect actual help defense. And yet, he may be the best option on that list.

The best part of this is the Knicks will bring in Brown or Thomas or Pryzbilla then somehow Mike D’Antoni will again be blamed for the crappy defense the Knicks play. As if Phil Jackson and John Wooden as a tag team could make a good defense with those guys at center and Carmelo Anthony on the wings. Personnel matters.