Warriors say drafting Thompson does not mean trading Ellis. Right….


It’s hard to say Golden State made a mistake when they took the best shooter in the draft. Last time I looked in the rulebook, the goal of the game was to put the round leather ball through the round metal rim, so guys who can do that from a long ways away have real value.

But drafting a sharp-shooting two guard after weeks of rumors of fielding trade offers for your existing two guard Monta Ellis makes one think… stop that, it’s not true, said Warriors general manager Larry Riley to ESPN.

“We feel Klay is a player who can play the 3 and 2,” Riley said. “We’re going to have room for a backup 3 and that may be a way for Klay Thompson to get more minutes. This in no way affects our motivation to trade any player.”

(Coach Mark) Jackson also said nothing had changed with his desire to coach Ellis.

“I’m expecting the opportunity to coach this young man,” Jackson said. “In talking to him, he wants to win.”

Okay, if that’s what you guys say. But as it sounds like you did everything short of putting Ellis on QVC when shopping him around. Maybe that was just the “gauging interest” part of the process and nobody wanted to make any real moves until they see the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

But you don’t mind if we’re all a little skeptical about what you said, do you?