No progress in labor talks, no counterproposal by players


One of these days we will get to post a story on PBT about the good news in the labor talks, about the serious progress, about guys getting ready to go to New York for a game in Madison Square Garden and not a meeting in a hotel conference room.

Today is not that day.’

Today was another bleak step on the road to the lockout. We’ll let the tweets of’s Ken Berger tell the story.

According to #Suns player rep Jared Dudley, players declined to make a counterproposal to owners today. “We’re too far apart,” he said.

When informed by NBPA chief Billy Hunter that players would not counter at this time, Dudley said Stern used the word “disappointed.”

There was no progress. Stern wanted the players to make a counter proposal, but the players thought that played into the owners hands (although now Stern will just say “the players didn’t give us a proposal”). The players prefer to work out some big picture things piece by piece then once those are finished (or close) start putting them into an overall framework.

The owners will meet again later in the afternoon Friday, but there will be little if any progress on anything.

Tuesday the owners get together in Dallas for a Board of Governor’s meeting. At that meeting they will almost certainly vote to authorize a lockout on July 1. The two sides agreed to meet next week in New York again in a smaller bargaining session, on Wednesday or Thursday.

Just know that once the lockout starts, both sides will dig their heels in for a while (the two sides will move farther apart at first, not get closer). We’ll leave you with this tweet from Dudley after the meeting. Both sides give great lip service to this, but it is very different than it translating into actions. From either side.

There should be a season.. With all the economic problems in this country no one wants to hear about NFL/NBA lockout.