Wojnarowski: Teams trying to trade for #2 pick “frustrated”


Here’s another tidbit from the invaluable Adrian Wojnarowski, this time concerning the #2 pick:

Many front offices are frustrated trying to deal with Minny for No. 2 pick. One says, “If you want a deal right now you’re talking to Utah.”

There has been speculation about Utah trading the #2 pick ever since they got it, but David Kahn’s asking price seems to be too high for most teams — the one offer we know Kahn has made for the #2 pick is the pick and Michael Beasley for Lakers Center Andrew Bynum, which was more than likely laughed off by the Lakers’ front office.

If Kahn doesn’t dramatically lower his asking price in the next few hours, Derrick Williams will likely be a Timberwolf, crowded frontcourt and all.