Amick: Teams expect Kings to take Jimmer with the #10 pick


More stuff from Sports Illustrated’s Sam Amick, who’s been on fire today:

Rival teams now expect the Kings to take Jimmer Fredette at No. 10.

Taking Fredette would have some benefits for the Kings. He would help space the floor for Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins, both of whom are nearly unstoppable when they operate in the paint, and would give the cash-strapped Kings an easily marketable player.

However, Fredette won’t help the Kings’ below-average defense, and drafting him probably won’t make up for the fact that the Kings just made a trade that, as Sactown Royalty’s Tom Ziller put it, made the team “older, worse, more expensive, AND downgraded their draft pick.” The Kings may not be done trading yet, so judgement should be reserved for a few more hours, but if Fredette is Sacramento’s endgame, this will not be a great draft day for the Kings franchise.